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Our Project:Me Team

Jonathan Flynn, Owner, Master Trainer and Nutritionist

Welcome to Project:Me Fitness. 

I started this company 4 years ago after many years running successful studios in the Manchester and Cheshire area. I have completed over 15,000 PT training sessions in my career so have picked up a tip or two! Plus many client stories  and reasons for training that have massively inspired me to always over deliver. 

I feel that my strengths as both a PT and a Nutritionist are firstly an honest approach. We need a level of trust that will create a rapport to get us through both the high and low moments that the fitness journey brings. I have a great understanding of minds sets and how to sell my approaches in a way that works for the individual...not everyone is looking to be elite or shredded. I train such a varied set of amazing clients: parents; people with challenging careers short of time; tress-heads; people who lack confidence, youngsters wanting to learn and just simply people who want to live at a better level. We achieve this through training and dietary improvements to suit them. 

My exercise and dietary approach is evidence based. This means I have a responsibility to my clients to constantly learn and put into practice the latest research and evidence in all things fitness and mindset combined with my experience and apply them to you in an individualised way that suits you with all your needs and situations. We are all different.

I have crafted my reputation and identity as a fitness coach using the top experts in the World such as Martin McDonald, with whom I have qualified as an MNU Certified Nutritionist, Dr Spencer Nadolski, Jamie Alderton, Paul Chek and James Krieger.

Ill cut to the chase, I am not one of those arrogant Instagram trainers who spend more time online than actually with clients or learning new skills. I am more concerned with practical application than trying to impress you with my bench press stats ha ha. I am a dedicated business owner and father of 2 who wants to create a successful, ethical and well renowned company with a portfolio of happy clients and amazing success stories...that won;t happen if I let you down.


Louise Hey, PT, Bootcamp Manager, Class Manager

With a personable approach, I hope to inspire many people to get healthier, fitter and reach their goals. Dancing was , is and always will be my passion and this career has taught me discipline and the importance of optimal diet for performance and health. I cannot underestimate the importance of strength, flexibility and a positive mindset. I've brought all this valuable experience into my wonderful role as a personal trainer and class teacher. With all the clients I have trained I totally understand how hard it can be to start, we've all been there but our culture here at Project :Me is only supportive, relaxed and friendly! The studio also allows total privacy. I look forward to using my own experiences and the knowledge I continue to gain in a range of courses to aid your fitness journey. Lets make it enjoyable so that it’s a lifestyle not a chore. You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!